Is Your Cervical Mucus "Sperm Friendly"?

When trying to conceive there are many things that come into play when determining a success or failure.  One of the first things that I think of is Cervical Mucus (also abbreviated "CM"), because it is one of the first barriers that the sperm must cross before it can even begin to make the long journey up through the uterus and into the fallopian tubes.  If the sperm cannot make it past the cervix the whole hope for a successful month stops right there! 

Cervical Mucus is a fluid that is secreted from the cervix before and during ovulation.  It helps to nourish, protect and help the sperm to transport past the cervical canal. 

Is your Cervical Mucus "sperm friendly"?

You can determine this by examining your Cervical Mucus.  A few days up to a week before ovulation you should start to notice a slippery substance, very similar to the whites of a chicken egg.  Have you ever cracked an egg open and the whites of the egg would strech from the shell to the pan?  This is what good quality Cervical Mucus should resemble.  Bad quality Cervical Mucus may be sticky, thick and yellow in color.  Or you may not have any at all.  This type of CM will not help sperm and will actually impede them from getting any further and can even cause them to die.

There are many remedies to help CM become more fertile:

  • Drink, Drink, Drink! -  First, you will want to be certain to stay hydrated.  This is vitally important for the CM to be stretchy.  Mucus needs alot of moisture to maintain a fluid consistency.  Drink atleast 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.  Try more if you can handle it.
  • Avoid Caffeine! - Caffeine is very drying and may defeat all your efforts of drinking alot of liquid to try and hydrate your CM.  Also, caffeine is not good for your fertility overall.
  • Try Guaifenesin.-  Many people will say to use Robitussin, which contains Guaifenesin.  I will state to use Guaifenesin because many types of Robitussin has other ingredients which can be detrimental to your fertility and possibly to your unborn baby if you have already conceived.    Guaifenesin helps to thin bronchial secretions (mucus) and therefore it is theororized to thin secretions on other mucus membranes, such as the cervix.  There are no active studies showing that this is a certain cure but many women swear by it, including Me!  You can find Guaifenesin at nearly any Pharmacy or Department Store.  You can find it in the Cold Medicine Section.  One type is a pill by the name of Mucinex.  I like to use it because it is easy to take and there is no bad taste, like with the syrup form.  You can also get generic forms of syrup Guaifenesin or the Brand Name Robitussin type but just be certain that the only active ingredient is Guaifenesin.
  • Try using Fertile CM . -  Fertile CM  is a wonderful new herbal product that combines a balanced blend of herbs and vitamins that cause your body to produce more fertile quality Cervical Mucus.  I have heard great things about this product and I think that it is certainly worth a try. 
  • Try using Evening Primrose Oil . -  Evening Primrose Oil, also known as EPO, is a natural product that you could try to help make your Cervical Mucus more fertile.  Evening Primrose Oil is a popular herbal supplement that has been used by women for years to increase the quality of Cervical Mucus.  It is said to help the CM to become more liquid and fertile. 

Once you decide the state of your Cervical Mucus you can determine if you need to take any actions to increase the fertility of your CM.  If you decide that your CM is not as "sperm friendly" as you would like it to be you can try using some of the tips that I laid out above.  Within a month or two of using these techniques you should start to notice a difference in your CM and be on your way to making a baby sooner.

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